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About Us

Nathan & Associates is a full service California law firm. We represent consumers and businesses in California, headquartered in Newport Beach, with offices and Attorneys in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Orange County.

The Attorneys at Nathan & Associates have been litigating million and multi-million dollar cases for our clients for almost two decades. Our attorneys have been litigating cases on behalf of individuals / consumers achieving the best possible results with our aggressive no-nonsense approach.

 We always attempt to resolve matters expeditiously as long as it benefits our clients, however unlike most attorneys we are prepared to go to trial. Our team of attorneys and affiliates have several decades of combined experience in law practice at your service.

The attorneys at Nathan & Associates are dedicated to fighting for you and more importantly we work to effectively protect your rights. We are Lawyers that are aggressive in achieving the success our clients demand. At Nathan & Associates we strive to keep our clients satisfied throughout the entire case with constant communication and updates by using the newest technology available. Let us assist you with your legal matters. We offer you a free consultation with a member of our legal team to help you understand your rights. We believe that being informed with the right information is what you deserve. So call one of our Lawyers today.


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Thank you so much Nathan & Associates practice for always taking care of us. You guys are always on point
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